House Rules

Character Creation Mechanics

Character Generation
Stats are purchased on a point system. Players are given 110 points to spend on their STR, CON, POW, DEX, APP, SIZ, INT, and EDU. This allows for the creation of a character that is slightly above average across the board, or is exceptional in a few places.

First-time Players may then select an occupation from the approved list. These occupations are selected specifically because of their fitting with the theme. Experienced players (those spending player points on a new PC) may select from any occupation BUT must be able to explain their character’s involvement in [The Society]

As Call of Cthulhu characters don’t often have long life expectancies (regardless of stats) it is suggested to make a fully rounded character that will be fun to play, rather than attempting to crunch numbers for maximum technical benefit.

Approved Occupations
Antiquarian, Artist, Athlete, Author, Clergyman, Dilettante, Doctor of Medicine, Entertainer, Lawyer, Military Officer, Musician, Parapsychologist, Pilot, and Professor.
Please note that such occupations as Artist, Entertainer and Musician are specifically considered to be successful members of those professions.

Character Skill Advancement
Each objective in an adventure has a point value. At the end of each adventure, those points are tallied and are given out to players to spend on increasing their skills. Skills advance at a ratio of 1/1 until 80. All skills over 80 cost 2 points to raise by 1.

Player Rewards That Continue After PC Death
One problem in a Living Campaign is that it is always difficult is how to reward players for participating, even after their PC falls screaming into the mouth of a shoggoth. In this system, players are awarded points along with their PCs, perhaps on a ratio of two PC points to one Player point (rounded down). There is a limit of 100 points added to any new PC, any remaining Player Points simply continue to carry forward. Combat skills, may not be purchased with Player Points. Cthulhu Mythos may be purchased with player points to a maximum of 5%.

Game Mechanics

The Prop Department
While searching for specific items is important, the ability to grab a mundane item should not slow the game down. Any mundane item that would normally be found in an environment, such as a letter opener on a desk, or a hammer in a tool-shed, may simply be declared and picked up. This must be within reason, as a desk would normally have a letter opener, but not 10 of them. Fire arms may NOT be acquired in this fashion and must be specifically approved by the GM.

Hero’s Edge
Dark as the game is, the PC’s are the hero of the story. Thus, once per session the player may make use of this edge and automatically succeed on a die roll. It is a simple success, not an impale success. But when everything is on the line, the PC has a chance of seeing it through to the end.

Campaign Mechanics

Sanity Recovery
As time can flow quite freely between adventures, the need for sanity recovery can become quite important. Twice in a calender year, a player may make an attempt at sanity recovery. This can only be done during tournament play, and must take place prior to the start of the adventure. The player must roll beneath their current sanity, twice, to be able to recover sanity (thus making it harder to clutch at reality as you spiral into madness). A success regains 1d4 sanity.

This is in addition to any sanity rewards for completing the adventure. Sanity rewards from home play are as written in the approved adventure.

Sanctioned Home Play
Players are allowed to use their living campaign characters in any of the adventures on the master list of “Sanctioned” adventures (forthcoming). These are be adventures that players may participate in during home play and still gain credit for their PCs.

Adventures on this list are enhanced with special intros and goals to enhance the flavor to match that of the Living Campaign.

It is important to note that, for the purposes of this campaign, places like Arkham are fictional names for their real life counterparts. Enhancement downloads will include the corrected information where needed.

Based on the enhanced information, players may gain anywhere from 1-5 points per adventure, with a maximum of 40 points gained per year. These points may be used to advance skills (other than Cthulhu Mythos) up to a level of 60. No skill may be raised above 60 outside of tournament play. Cthulhu Mythos may only be raised during tournament play unless specifically mentioned in the campaign enhancement notes for a published adventure.

Between Game Actions
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House Rules

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