The Cumberland Star

109 carat, shallow, oval brilliant cut diamond.


The Cumberland Star has a long and controversial history, first mentioned as being acquired in 1304 from an Indian family who had owned the stone for generations. Other accounts of the stone’s history begin in 1526, while conflicting reports contend the stone was mined near the Krishna River and presented to an emperor in 1656.

The diamond did originate in India though and was stolen from Delhi in 1739, taken to Iran. From Iran it was acquired by Afghans, who lost it to Indian rulers, who then came under British rule in 1849. The stone vanished for twenty one years before surfacing again in the the possession of the Cumberland Family of Boston (for who it is named). The Cumberland family had the stone recut to its present state.

The Star’s is a 109 carat, shallow, oval brilliant cut diamond.

It is said that the Star carries a curse, bringing madness and death in its wake.

The Cumberland Star

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