The Society

The Mystery of Marshaw Manor
June 1920

“The house doesn’t care what’s fair, who lives or dies. Know why? Cause it’s a fucking house!”
- Watson Pritchett, House on Haunted Hill (1959)

[The Society] has discovered that a series of disappearances in the area around Marshaw Manor date back to the 1868 when Iberia Parish (which bisects St Martin Parish) was created. If disappearances go back further, no records have been presented. Marshaw Manor backs up against the Teche Bayou, a 125 mile long waterway that stretches from Port Barre to the Lower Atchafalaya River in Patterson. The area has a long and bloody history, including much fighting during the US Civil War.

The bayou is also home to a great deal of secretive worship. The area surrounding Parks houses several small Vodouisant cults as well as a worshiper of Yig, and several followers of the “Dark One.” The warring between these groups had raised something ancient out of the swamps, and it thirsted for blood. With the founding of Parks in 1900, more people moved into the area and the disappearances became more frequent. Now, close to 200 people live in the village, but they all avoided the area around Marshaw Manor.

Marshaw Manor had become the lair of an angry elemental being from the Bayou. As Voodoo magic intertwined with the forces of the mythos, a creature was created that has haunted the bayou for over 50 years. The creature had hunted and killed unwary travelers, as well as the residents of the manor. Recently it had remained quiet, slumbering within the cellar, lying in a muck filled, flooded area. The arrival of new the investigators, of course, gradually brought it back to wakefulness. With the help of local lore provided by the residents of the General Store’s porch, the team managed to draw the creature into a trap and, in a single fiery strike, destroyed both the Marshaw Monster and the manor-house.

Curse of the Cumberland Star
March 1920

The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear
– Daniel Defoe

[The Society] had taken an interest in the diamond, the Cumberland Star and its reputation for being cursed. Rumor has been that madness, tragedy, and death have befallen the Cumberland family because of the curse. With the family throwing a gala reception to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the family having acquired the stone, [The Society] had chosen this time to investigate.

Local members Del Nightengale and Edward Monteblanc III were joined by three others who were dispatched by their respective Chapterhouses.

After sifting through a lengthy history of madness and murder, the investigators were able to trace the stone back to a small cult from India, छोटे-छोटे शैल (the cult of the Small Crawler). Long believed to have been wiped out by another Indian cult, the Thugee, it was uncovered that the cult of the Small Crawler was still most definitely active and planning to sacrifice young Christine Cumberland in a dark ritual.

Bursting in on the cultists, the members of [The Society] managed to dispatch two of the cultists (one of whom was revealed to be Arthur Cumberland) and managed to capture a third, who was handed over to the authorities. The current whereabouts of the Cumberland Star are unknown.

It is suspected that members of the Thugee cult of India may also have been operating in the area. One of their agents, known only as Krisha, had been serving Arthur for twenty years. What plans he may have had are wholly unknown.

Despite the disruption of the ritual, the unknown whereabouts of the Cumberland Star have forced [The Society] to classify this case as still open.


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