The Society

Murder and Monsters in Mexico

August 1920

“The State is the altar of political freedom and, like the religious altar, it is maintained for the purpose of human sacrifice”
– Emma Goldman

On March 1st, a research team from the University of the newly emancipated National Autonomous University of Mexico stumbled across an archaeological site that could be one of the greatest finds in Mexico’s history. A pyramidal temple was found in the jungle, 40km west of Mexico City.

The team believed it to be a temple dedicated to the god Tezcatlipoca and, if correct, it would be the largest such temple ever found. The only other temple to the god Tezcatlipoca that is known was destroyed, the ruined foundations somewhere within Mexico City itself. Professor Juan Lopez and his team immediately began their initial excavation and exploration of the site, which was remarkably well preserved.

On the morning of August 4th, the team awoke to find much of their equipment missing or destroyed, and the body of Professor Lopez was lying at the base of the pyramid. Initial examination of the corpse has determined that the professor was attacked and killed by a Jaguar.
Still, it is all too much of a coincidence and so the team contacted the local authorities for assistance.

With the recent discovery of a link between the cult of the Small Crawler and the followers of Tezcatlipoca [The Society] cannot pass up this opportunity to learn more about this potential threat. The team journeyed to Mexico and made their way to the archaeological site. Once there the investigators made a careful study of the pyramid, peering into the various chambers and taking note. However, when they achieved the pyramid’s summit, they found the body of a recent sacrifice.

Now understanding that some sort of local religious activity must remain, the team began to get worried about the possibility of attack…but then things got REALLY strange. The god Tezcatlipoca appeared to the team in a dream, offering to make them a deal…and at least one of them took it.

Several items of note were destroyed, which lead to an attack by the cultists on a day where the sun never rose. Victorious over the jungle cultists, the team lead the archaeologists away from the site and to safety as a massive earthquake rocked the pyramid, crumbling it to its foundations.



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