The Society

Interlude - Loveland, OH 1972

July 1972

“Down by the lazy river, come as you please
Down by the lazy river, one big family
If you’re all alone You won’t be long”

– The Osmonds, Down by the Lazy River (1972)

Loveland isn’t a really exciting place to grow up, with a feel that is more of a small town than city. 1972 though, this year is different. There have been two sources of excitement this year. Most recently is that local resident Maureen Detro is going to be competing in the Summer Olympics. The other is the recent sightings of the Loveland Frogman back in March.

On March 3, Officer Matthews claimed to have seen a four-foot-tall frog-faced human-like creature with leathery skin, on the road near Loveland. It jumped over a rail and into the Little Miami River. Two weeks later, officer Mark Mathews saw it again, lying in the road. He even got out of his car and fired shots at it.

That made a huge commotion in town. Investigators from the State Police came out, and even two people from the FBI. All of them were investigating the scene and looking for clues. The monster got away though. Nobody had seen it since. Until five friends saw it attack one of their friends, while swimming in the Little Miami river.

Knowing that their parents would never believe them, the children mustered their courage to confront this mysterious threat. Teaming up with a mysterious drifter, who told them the legend of the Shawnahooc, the kids managed to track the creature to a cavern beneath the Indian mounds of Fort Ancient.

Not waiting for their companion, John Clearwaters, to find them, the children entered the cave and went into battle with the Loveland Frogman. Killing it, the children brought an end to the terror that has stalked Loveland.



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